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Functioneel Analist

At qframe
Ervaren functioneel analist met focus en achtergrond binnen software development, kan zelfstandig aan de slag maar geniet van een team rondom zich.

Medior Data Analyst

At nemeon

What we are looking for in
our data analyst

  • Able to collect and organize data
  • Translate business requirements into actionable questions
  • The data analyst gets his/her high from finding patterns in data
  • The ideal candidate combines technical skills with business thinking

Azure Application Support Engineer

At cloudfuel
As an Azure Support Engineer with CloudFuel, you'll assist our clients with the support of their Cloud-Native applications. 

Front End Developer

At stitchd
As MarTech Developer (also known as the technical web analyst), you'll be in charge for the quality of the digital analytics and tag manager configurations of our clients. These clients operate on the enterprise level (think of Bose, D'Ieteren, Proximus, Essent, Ici Paris XL, etc.). So, be prepared for challenging and complex environments where you will play a key role in optimizing the user experience for millions of visitors.

Digital Evolution Analyst

At humain

Our Digital Evolution & Innovation Analysts play a key role in our objective of engaging & evolving people and their organisations to achieve more of what matters with digital innovations.


Our analysts are the ones who figure out what needs to happen to make the future work today. You'll work closely & learn from our strategists to build the business case and deepen the understanding of the current situation at our client to build the bridge to a brighter future on solid foundations.

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Nathan Van Hof

Together we travelled the road to finding the ideal / perfect job Helped in laying the first 'work-bricks' for my career house
The search only ends when the dream job has been found Their job was not done until I had found the ideal one for me.

Farid Rasoolzadeh

The most important I took away from NewBrix is that I was approached with a fitting role and placed with great care; communication was swift and I did not need to wait for responses as long as I’m used to from recruiters. This led to a quick and fitting placement where I’m happy to start!