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About Zinderlabs

Zinderlabs is a consultancy firm with a focus on the technical design and development of unique web-Applications and backend-systems for a list of diverse and challenging clients. So if you love to solve complex development challenges, if you have a strong backbone of .NET/ Java knowledge and if you’re passionate about new things concerning software development, then we’re eager for you to join Zinderlabs to craft high-end code together!

The world of software development is a diverse and fast-evolving landscape. This requires a diverse knowledge and a big commitment to stay up-to-date. Organizations often struggle with some aspects of software development, or just need extra hands on their projects to get things done. At ZinderLabs, we are totally up for this!

We build tailored-made business applications that leave their mark, in a wide variety of industries and with a focus on web and cloud. Technology is at our core! However, we firmly believe in cross-pollination between tech stacks – allowing us to apply the right tool for the job and keeping an open mind.

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