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Humain is a gang of (digital) innovation - strategists, -analysts, - owners and - coaches who are specialized in pulling the future into the present. We‘re your partner from the first value discovery workshop all the way to global roll out when it comes to those innovative projects with higher uncertainty, faster iteration cycles & change management needs.

Our story started from the insight that (emerging) technologies don't change the world, it's the people that use them who do. So if we are to have impact with these new tools, we need to humanise these technologies & their capabilities in order to help envision a brighter future & then build for it.

Being embedded in the Cronos network, we deeply understand digitally innovative technologies such as AI, (Big) Data & the Hyper-automation stack but as our name might give away - we believe in the end it’s about people and the digital experiences we can design for us as humans - whether a customer, an employee or the big boss.

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Digital Evolution Analyst


Our Digital Evolution & Innovation Analysts play a key role in our objective of engaging & evolving people and their organisations to achieve more of what matters with digital innovations.


Our analysts are th...