About Reboot

A unique opportunity to contribute to a start-up: Reboot is a brand-new start-up within the entrepreneurial network of the Cronos Group. You’ll get the chance to pave the way for the future of Reboot and contribute to our future strategy, vision and growth!

Continuous training, education & knowledge sharing: constant training & personal growth is of major importance in this rapidly evolving domain. Through training, education, networking and knowledge sharing we’ll make sure that you keep up with the latest trends & developments.

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Jobs @ Reboot

Sustainability Analyst


We’re looking for critical thinkers who dream big and aren’t afraid to explore new grounds and experiment with new technologies—especially if you’re ready to think outside the box. As a Sustainability Analyst at Reboot, your creative ideas, analytical min...

Sustainability Consultant



We’re looking for someone with an open mind. Some who’s determined to examine solutions that meet the sustainability challenges of our society. As a sustainability consultant at Reboot, you’ll work closely with organizations who’re eager to make a change. You’ll analyze sustainability performances, define smart strategies for change and o...