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About FlowFactor

FlowFactor is a home for true DevOps enthusiasts. As a specialised DevOps service provider,  FlowFactor goes the extra mile by integrating ITIL compliance in a DevOps context. A trophy that they gladly use to offercustomers unparalleled quality and come up with the state-of-the-art innovative solutions.

FlowFactor is a team of motivated young people, surrounded by strong technical experts. Within FlowFactor, entrepreneurship, active learning and a strong base are the main values. This way, new challenges are embraced together, with a broad smile and loads of enthusiasm.

FlowFactor distinguishes itself from the competition through their wide technological expertise. FlowFactor houses experts in every major cloud platform (Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure) and has a wide-ranging expertise in DevOps related technologies (RedHat OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, etc.). Thanks to this technological versatility. FlowFactor is able to provide independent advice for clients looking to modernise their DevOps architecture. FlowFactor always uses technology as an answer to a business problem, not because of popularity, ensuring you always get the best tools for the job!

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